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Pregnancy Updates and Must Haves

Pregnancy Updates and Must Haves

Third Trimester - Update and Must Haves

I have officially entered the third trimester and today marks 32 weeks pregnant. Overall, I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. However, I can definitely tell that I have entered into a new phase of pregnancy as I have notice things change. Recent symptoms include little to no appetite, hyperpigmentation and lower back pain.

Although the physical changes are evident, I've recently attempted to balance my focus to ensure that I am also prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have begun using the medicine ball to help Baby Dow get into position and identify movements that will help while in early stages of labor. I have also begin to do prenatal yoga and specific stretches to prepare my body for the pushing phases. My importantly, I am have begun to pray and listen to positive affirmations regarding labor and delivery. It is imperative that I am prepared both physically and mentally for this birthing process.

Here is a list of must haves for the third trimester:

  • Medicine Ball - Helped correct body posture and alienate my low back pain.
  • Pregnancy Pillow - To provide support and helps with positioning throughout the night. 
  • Heating Pad - To help relieve lower back pain. 
  • Sophie Room Spray - To refresh any room and help with my heighten sense of smell.
  • Trilastin and Bio Oil - To prevent stretch marks. 
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